Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

I finished reading Martin Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture some time ago, and have been meaning to do a short review. I found the book quite enjoyable to read. In many cases the patterns presented just gave a name to a familliar face (which is almost what you would expect from a patterns book) but typically the analysis also added something “extra“ to my previous understanding of a particular pattern. Probably the highest compliment I can give the book is that it made me want to re-read several others I have read recently - Eric Evans’ Domain Driven Design (which I quite liked) and Jim Newkirk’s Test Driven Development in Microsoft .NET (which I did not really like the first time, but which I suspect I would like a great deal more having read PoEAA).

Martin Fowler’s site has a page for the book here. Also I see that from Martin’s site he is attending the Regional Architect Forum on the sunny Gold Coast. Readify’s own “Enterprise Martin” will be attending also. I know this because he was complaining to me just today that Microsoft had sent him a bottle of sand to promote the event, which he seemed less-than-impressed by.