The ubiquity of web applications

I recently went on an overseas holiday and was without normal internet connectivity, and also without my laptop. This brought into focus the reality that just because an application can run in a browser means that it is universally available. Of the three web apps I use most regularly (.Text, OWA and GMail) none of them worked flawlessly across all the browser platforms I used. Of the three OWA was by far the best - the only problem I could really report with it was that in Japan on some XP machines when I tried clicking “send” it didn’t work. .Text crashed IE on OSX whenever I tried to log in, and GMail wouldn’t work in IE on OSX either (in all fairness to GMail it did display a message saying this browser wasn’t supported, and gave me the option to try anyway). Seeing OWA run on computers in different contries is quite impressive. All the text is locale-specific. So what’s my point? Well…who said all blog posts have to have a point.