OneNote, extensibility and Wikis

I’ve started using OneNote (an addition to Office2003) to replace the plethora of text files marked “todo”, “notes” and “stuff” that accumulate in various places on my system. I like the free-form content editing, it reminds me a lot of wikis! Then I started thinking “he wouldn’t it be cool if you could use OneNote to publish to your wiki” (it appears I am not alone in wondering this either). Looking into it further I was disappointed that out-of-the-box there was almost no way to interract with OneNote - no automation API, no imbedded scripting language, no plug-in framework, opaque binary file format. Fortunately the service pack provides some extensibility points (although I am yet to see how extensive they are). Anyone else think rich client publising to wikis seems like a good idea, or know of any software to do it?