XSLT Debugging in Whidbey

XSLT debugging is getting tantalizingly close (see image below). Yes, that button tool-tip DOES say “debug” and that IS a break-point in the left-hand margin. The only problem is that when I press said button I get a XmlQueryException, with an inner NullReferenceException. Is anybody else having these problems debugging XSLT in the Tech-Ed CTP release of Whidbey, or is it just me? The transform does produce valid output (when I click the “show XSL output” to the left I see the output in TestFile1.xml). I might try and create a compiled xslt with a .pdb file and see if I can debug it that way.


Slavo Furman

Tried it (own sample and walkthrough in docs) and get same XMLQueryException too. No matter if breakpoint is set or no.

Looks like bug to me.

9/06/2004 11:37:00 PM