More XPath Syntax Hilighting

I’ve been making a few more changes to my XPath syntax hilighting I mentioned earlier. If you recall the previous example XPath location path abbreviations like @foo were being expanded to their full text like attribute::foo. This might be a little weird/annoying, so the parser has been modified to ‘remember’ if it was using the abbreviated syntax or not. This means that (apart from whitespace) there is a pretty high correlation between what you type and the hilighted text that appears. I’ve also added a few enhancements - for example user defined functions are hilighted in a different colour to regular functions (in the example below coalesce() is a user-defined function while concat() and string() are built-in). I’m still not sure how all this is going to finish up - I haven’t given any thought to namespaces except write a whole bunch of //TODO comments, and there is still the whole issue of adding Intellisense ™.


XPath Syntax hilighting - when pain persists see your local parser writer
26/06/2004 12:57:00 AM