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Moved to a new blogging platform

The smell of the rotting corpose of DotText died away some time in 2005. 5 years on I thought it was time to move on to something built AFTER List<T> replaced ArrayList. If you're reading this that migration process has worked.

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Australia Joseph Cooney

Lets see if comments work, shall we?

Australia David Connors

Well done on the move - these things are never easy.

Did you try the main Orchard release after having that bad experience with the unsupported fork you tried?

I had really high hopes for Orchard.

Well done.

Welcome to the blogsphere Joseph, I look forward to reading your articles Smile

Oooh, shiny!  Nice one Joseph.

It's possible that the new blogging platform isn't entirely spamproof Tong

Dam right it's not entirely spamproof....I was lead to believe that Akismet was the shniz for all that. I've got it configured and enabled but it doesn't seem to be doing a great job just yet. I might need to look into that a bit more.

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