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New Application Certification Program - "It Works on My Machine"

Inspired by application certification programs such as Microsoft's new “Works with Windows Vista” logo program I'd like to introduce a new, developer focused “Works on My Machine” application certification program. This new certification communicates to team members, testers, BA's and project sponsors that not only did you compile the code before checking it in, but that you actually ran the application and exercised in some small way the feature(s) in question.

By following the technical certification requirements below you earn the right to brand your app with the “Works on My Machine” logo.
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Technical Certification Requirements

  • Compile your application code with the relevant compiler. Note: Getting the latest version of any recent code changes from other developers is purely optional and not a requirement for certification.
  • Launch the application/site that has just been compiled.
  • Cause one code-path in the code you're checking in to be executed. Note: the preferable way to do this is with very ad-hoc manual testing of the simplest case for the feature in question. The Stovell Institute for Application Assurance suggests that it is possible to omit this step if the code change was less than five lines, or if (in the developer's professional opinion) the code change could not possibly result in an error.
  • Check the code changes into your version control system.

Notification Requirements

While you are not required to disclose to testers, customers etc. that your product has attained this bench-mark in application certification it is highly probable that you will wish to do so. Although you will be justifiably proud of this accomplishment it is advisable to cultivate an air of casual smug-ness when mentioning that it “works on my machine”, rather than outright gleeful gloating. 

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Love it! Although, I fear that many machines in certain corporate environments have had this certification, but lost the sticker.


This is brilliant. I was rolling on the floor when I read this. This is going on my blog for sure !


Awesome. Looks like all my apps are certified and ready to go.

Is there a migration strategy whitepaper when moving from an old machine to a new machine?


Perhaps even a few guidelines around how to go about achieving this certification so that it can not possibly work anywhere else except on your machine. It could be like gold certification... Wink

Maybe a bronze-level certification could be "Works on MY Machine (Fridays and Sundays only)"

Nice.  An oft-quoted, but rarely comforting phrase.

Personally, I'd only require step 1 (compile), and allow warnings. Your certification requirements are still too high for me. BTW, what is a "version control system"?


Finally, a "Certification" Program that matters.

Still missing a certification. The "It works on my machine YESTERDAY"... Smile

Of course, the real question is: how does one become an IWOMM Certified Engineer?

I agree with the previous comment that the certification is too hard to get. At my current place it's much too difficult to "Check the code changes into your version control system". These expectations are just far too high, there's no way we can change our practices to meet these lofty standards.

How juvenile!


At last, what has been the pseudo standard for developers is official! A link went straight on our Wiki standards page Smile

To be technically accurate, I think it should be "Worked on my Machine".  Who's to say the test passes now, or into the future.

Ron Gonzales

Marvelous!! Another would be "It Works on My Machine awhile ago" Smile

Also phrased as: "Workin' fine for me"

This new certification should be written up as a white paper and incorporated into CMMI Level 9 and Six Sigma as soon as possible.

I was laugthing so hard ...

Need a "Darn I swear it worked before" certification Smile, it is a higher certification than the IWOMM one.

Where can I buy a t-shirt?

Great idea with that certificationSmile Is there any dev who hadn't even once said "..., but It Works on My Machine" ?

Although you will be justifiably proud of this accomplishment it is advisable to cultivate an air of casual smug-ness when mentioning that it “works on my machine”, rather than outright gleeful gloating.

Usually prefaced with "hmmm... interesting...."

Concerned For the Future

Concerned about the logo design... who has a 4x3 CRT monitor and a horizontal case these days?

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